Bringing value to our clients and communities through agribusiness


With Africa’s population estimated to double to 2.4 billion by 2050, agribusiness is significant to the growth and sustainability of local communities. Business that makes a community difference while making a profit for investors is the goal and is vital to each action undertaken.


Our Vision


We are driven by a vision to develop strategic alliances where African agribusiness is the catalyst for increased US trade relations in Africa that results in profit for investors and economically sustainable communities for their African partners.

Our Mission


We show the power of connections and are a resource to our client partners, African agribusinesses and US trade investors.  They collaborate with zeal and create sustainable solutions that are  good for US businesses and good for African farmers, their families, and communities.  Passion and purpose meet connectivity: that’s what makes a better world.

Our Philosophy


    • Sustainability ensures business growth and survival.


    • Seeing how one fits into systems promotes shared understanding and a larger vision.


    • Daunting change necessitates more sophisticated collaborations for change agents.


    • Collaborations are key to developing collective system intelligence for tackling complex problems.


    • Creating regenerative organizations allows for systems growth and collaborations across differences.