Jean A. Tsafack-Djiague

Jean A. Tsafack-Djiague

Founder and CEO

Mr. Tsafack Djiague has firsthand experience in the agribusiness sector and is surrounded by seasoned professional team leaders  with local and international experience necessary to take your business to the next level.

Over the past 17  years Jean Augustin Tsafack Djiague has been involved in a variety of capacities in significant international projects that have contributed to increasing FAGRIB knowledge base and  understanding of practical challenges faced by actors of the agribusiness chain in Africa and elsewhere. Mr. Tsafack-Djiague served as independent consultant in various companies, including NGOs, private Businesses, governements, International Organization, and Multilateral Organizations in Africa, Europe and in the U.S.

Using a pragmatic approach to problem solving, Mr. Tsafack-Djiague coached small farmers as well as seasoned agriculture entrepreneurs. In some cases he was the first to demonstrate how to manually clear a land as well as explaining the complexity and the opportunity of the market to seasoned investors. He attended many management and leadership meetings and made valuable contributions in developing new understanding of Africa’s potential. Most recently contributions were made in Atlanta, New York, California, and San Diego.

Jean A. Tsafack-Djiague holds a Masters Degree in Agronomy and Agricultural Science since 1998 from the University of Dschang in Cameroon, an MBA in Project Management from STRAYER University in Maryland, and is a doctoral candidate in Business Administration with concentration in Project Management with focus on Agribusiness Project Success Strategy in Africa.