Produce a better product, profit and planet

The world is a global village, and we are connected. Futures Agribusiness prepares African agribusiness owners for trade relations with the US, receives endorsements of support from African governmental officials, and ensures businesses are ready to make their imprint on the planet.


Futures Agribusiness works with a diverse group of professionals having international experience in various domains. They are ready to help investors and entrepreneurs to enter or expand their businesses in Africa. Our clients include farmers, farming cooperatives, farmers’ associations, businesses,manufacturers, governments, NGOs, universities, councils, and communities. We service commercial agriculture, particularly large import-export activities. Through our work we contribute to feeding present and future generations given the vast land availability on the African continent and the high eco-goods market demand worldwide.

Our Core Services

  • Critical needs assessment
  • Technology and IT analysis
  • Eco-Business modeling
  • Feasibility studies and capacity building
  • Market development and contract deals
  • Agribusiness plan
  • Business plan
  • Climate action plan for Agribusiness
  • Agribusiness risk management
  • Agribusiness crisis management
  • Mainstreaming climate in agribusiness
  • Climate impact assessment


Our method is simple. We exercise a strategic planning approach that is driven by a value, profit, and people proposition.   We value the products and what it takes to attract interest from US investors and partners. Business selection, US and Africa based, is a process. Our country market representativies conduct interviews and determine suitability. Our US team cultivates relationships with government agencies and businesses having interest in agribusiness trade and aquaint them with prospective partner profiles. These preliminary steps reveal the likelihood of sustainable profit. Yet, it’s the people, both internal and external, who are vital to the plan’s strategic direction. We count on team members in the country markets to be a guiding presence and resource to selected African partners, and we hold our US management team to the highest standards of compliance and diplomacy in the performance of duties.

Review our company profile and begin to consider the environmental and social considerations inherent in the partnership.

Embrace visionary thinking integral to outcomes, beginning with knowing how to determine the right business partner fit.

Identify and describe the environmental and social stakeholders that are important to success.

Describe the policies, systems, and organizational structures that respond to environmental and social issues.

Select and provide numeric indicators of environmental and social performances that could be compared and contrasted with partner needs.

Report interesting environmental and social initiatives and mitigation measures.